Natasha Hicken

Passionate generalist with an ability to see things from new perspectives. Currently crafting impactful digital experiences and immersive physical ones.

I'm excited by opportunities to empower creatives, rethink education and shake up the status quo.

Want to collaborate?

Tash helped me to create a website that clearly reflects my business both professionally and personally. I am so pleased with the outcome and often recieve positive feedback when I have new client enquiries.

Tash listened to all of my ideas and helped me to formulate them in a way that made the site both easy to navigate and concise. Thank you Tash!
Phoebe Davey, Counsellor
I had the pleasure of working with Tash for almost two years. I was consistently inspired by her ability to think creatively and critically. She's super passionate and this rubs off and inspires everybody she works with.

We worked on a ton of projects together and Tash was always digging deeper and looking at problems from every possible angle. Everything she'd touch would always look great, I always trusted her creative vision and the results it would bring in.
Charlotte Mara, Brand & Community Manager @ Visualist
Natasha is so easygoing and I felt we had very smooth communication during the time we worked together (and it's really the key in our research sector– constant discussion). She's smart and fast to grasp what we needed in a report layout design. She's also great at proposing ideas that will elevate the design–we appreciate her giving this extra effort!
Ting Hsin-Lin, Design Strategist @ Stripe Partners
Tash has worked with us as a Creative Consultant for a number of years and she’s absolutely brilliant. She brings fresh, innovative ideas, a great energy and has an extremely collaborative working style.

Tash has helped develop a spy app for kids, a postal subscription product, as well as adding to general creative ideas across the business. She’s happy to get stuck in to whatever is going on, always adds value, and has an extraordinary mind.
Sophie Deen, CEO @ Bright Little Labs
Art Direction